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Carson City's only Ballroom Studio, Aerial Silk School, and Pole Fitness Gym
Carson City's #1 School for Cross Training Programs!

     What style of dance are you looking for? Ballroom, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Country? We teach many style of partner dancing, let us help you learn your style!

     Are you getting ready for a Wedding? First Dance, Daddy Daughter, Mom & Son, Wedding Party, Group Routine? We help you get more comfortable and ready for that wedding!

     We also support other styles of Dance and Physical Movement...

Pole Dancing, Pole Sport, Aerial Silks, Belly Dancing, Fight Camp Workout, Self Defense, and Martial Arts. What is your fitness goal?

     Keep moving, and build self confidence Lift your self up though dance, a social life, and activities that range from low impact to strength and power!

What class do you want to start with? 

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