Studio Schedule

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4 pm  Lyra Hoop

5 pm  Aerial Silks: Beginning


4 pm  Aerial Silks: Beginning to semi Intermediate

5- 5:30 pm Stretching

5:30- 7 pm  Fight Camp 

7 pm  Pole Fitness 


12 pm  Pole Fitness 

1:30 pm  Aerial Silks: Intermediate Level

4 pm  Kids Fight Camp   

5 pm  Fight Camp (Capoeira Fit)

6 pm  Swing Dancing Group Class

7 pm  Group Dance Class (see dance page for more details)



5 pm Aerial Silks: Semi- Intermediate 


1:30 pm  Aerial Silks: Intermediate Level

3 pm  Aerial Silks: Beginning

4 pm  Kids Fight Camp 

5 pm  Circus Fitness

6 pm  Fight Camp (MMA Fit)

7 pm  Pole Fitness


Belly Dance with Starr  8:30 am

Please reserve your spot in any class

You can call, text, or register on our schedule.

For dance classes we prefer you have a partner.

Only dance shoes, martial art shoes are allowed on the floor. You may also be in your socks or barefoot.


It is required that you bring your face mask and attempt to keep it on. We understand that we are moving and exercising so, feel free to give yourself a mini break to breath!


All classes are $15 to try your first class. You may then decide if you would like to sign up for the month. The following prices are monthly.

Discounts: Your second family member you sign up receives a $10 discount on their membership!


Group Dance Classes

$50 for 1 class a week

$65 for 2 classes a week

Pole Fitness

$75 for all pole classes


Aerial Silks 

$85 for all silk classes 

Lyra Hoop

$55 for the month

Fight Camp 

$75 for the month


Kids Martial Arts

$65 for the month

Studio Class Pass

Take as many classes as you want for

$175 a month

Aerial Class Pass

Includes Silks and Lyra

$105 a month