Pole Fitness & Dance

      We are bringing a new way to get fit in Carson City! We have a great warm up and mini workout then we keep working out while playing on the pole. We will have fun on the pole by teaching pole dancing, pole sport, Power Pole, and Chinese pole. The great thing about pole is it is fun, you get fit, and you don't even notice that your working out. Enjoy a refreshing and challenging way to get fit!

$10 Drop in

$55 for the month


8 pm

Late Night Pole with Tiffany


6 pm

Pole Fitness with Ben


6 pm

Pole Fitness with Ben

Due to CoronaVirus there will not be pole classes in the studio. We are having online lessons through Fight Camp on Pole and Acrobatic Conditioning.

If you are a pole member, or would like to be a new student, please continue your lessons online to maintain and build your strength. This way when we open our doors again you will be ready for pole class! Please visit the sight link given below.

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