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Pole Fitness & Dance

      We are bringing a new way to get fit in Carson City! We have a great warm up and mini workout then we keep working out while playing on the pole. We will have fun on the pole by teaching pole dancing, pole sport, Power Pole, and Chinese pole. The great thing about pole is it is fun, you get fit, and you don't even notice that your working out. Enjoy a refreshing and challenging way to get fit!

      Each class is a mix level of students. If you new, Perfect! We will get you going. If you familiar with Pole, next is pushing you to the next level!

How to be prepared for pole class...

1) Wear shorts and a tank top or at least bring these closes with you to change into.

2) No jewelry like rings, toe rings or bracelets.

3) Try to avoid lotion on Pole days.

4) Bring water.

5) We will be barefoot so no shoes in class.

Tuesdays 6 pm

 Fridays 5 pm


$15 Drop-In 

$95 Month

Private Group Session

Have a group of friends that want to try Pole but not quite commit to classes? This is your change to book your private session and come in for some fun fitness!

Cost: $20 per person

Lesson and Open Time: 1.5 hrs

Schedule your group today by calling or texting: 775-400-2952

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