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Group Dance Classes

Please Register for you class so we can always be prepared for everyone!

Private Dance Lessons


$60 Intro Offer, 2 Private Lessons
(For fist time students only)


Individual price for a lessons is $50
4 Lessons for $180
8 lessons for $320


Mini Private Group Lessons
Have some friends or family join you for a private dance lesson! Our max is 4 people and cost is just $25 per couple. These lessons can be purchased individually, no package necessary.

Dance Host

Need to get the party up and moving?

Need someone who can get everyone up and dancing?

    WE CAN HELP! One of our Dance Instructors will lead the line dances, as well as break them down if people don't know what to do. Grab a partner for this one because, we have a couple of great moves to teach you so you can dance with your friends out on the dance floor. Create some memorable moments and end the night with some fun moves that you will enjoy again and again!


For as low as $200 we will be there... Call us to get your party marked on our Calendar!

All Private lessons are scheduled by appointment.
Lessons are 50 min long.
Lessons price includes 1-2 people.

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